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Precautions for the use of potentiometers


Precautions for the use of potentiometers

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Precautions for the use of potentiometers


(use chemicals with caution)
Potentiometers are mostly made of polycarbonate synthetic resin, and should avoid contact with the following drugs. Ammonia, other amines, salty water solutions, aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, lipids and halogenated hydrocarbons, etc.
(Use flux with caution)
Water-soluble flux should be avoided, otherwise it will promote metal oxidation and material mold.
(preferred usage)
The voltage adjustment type structure should get the best effect (Figure A). If the potentiometer is used for the current adjustment type, it has many disadvantages (Figure B) and should be avoided.

(end connection)
In circuit design, if DC is allowed to pass through the sliding rod of the potentiometer, it will cause an abnormal increase in resistance, and anodizing effect is likely to occur. The way to avoid it is to connect the sliding rod to the positive resistor, and the other end is separated from the negative electrode.


(tin method)
Avoid wiring and tinning to cause the solder to flow through the circuit board, otherwise it is easy to cause poor contact. If the solder flow cannot be avoided, please contact our company.


(Anti-sulfur protective layer)
In order to avoid the vulcanization of the resistor, in addition to silver plating, a layer of carbon film should be printed on the electrode area for protection. If the outer film causes the problem of excessive resistance, please contact our company.
(avoid condensation)
The surface of the potentiometer should avoid condensation or water droplets to avoid insulation deterioration or short circuit.
(installed on bracket)
When installing the potentiometer, the tightening torque and installation position of the nut should be in accordance with the following table to avoid the nut breaking or turning bad.
thread format Tightening torque
M6,M7 Max 0.7 ton-m(7kgf-cm)
M9(9mm size)(12mm size,Double shaft type) Max 0.7 ton-m(7kgf-cm)
M8,M9 3/8,M10 Maximum 0.9 ton-m(9kgf-cm)

(Avoidance of ground noise)
Single-connected potentiometers can effectively prevent noise due to their simple structure, but multi-connected, shaft (reciprocating) mobile and car audio potentiometers are not easy to prevent. For the selection of high-gain circuits, please contact our company.
When pushing in the switch or temporarily pushing in the switch for packaging or storage, the central axis should be prevented from being pressed, otherwise the switch will easily fail.
(Optional power switch according to current)
Do not use high-current-resistant switches for low-current circuits. Generally, a 5A switch may not be used for a 1mA circuit. It is best to actually measure or calculate the inflow current. If the actual current is too large, it may melt the switch or cause other problems.

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