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What is a band switch?


What is a band switch?

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What is a band switch?

Band switch, is a very old name. In fact, it should be called a multi-pole multi-throw switch, because it can be used not only as a band switch, but also for other purposes. As for how many knives (that is, how many sets of contacts) are needed, it depends on the needs of your circuit. Of course, at least two or more groups can be called band switches. As for how many toss (that is, how many gears) you need, it also depends on your needs. There are from 2 files to more than 10 files. If it is only used as a band switch, there are less than 4 sets of contacts, and at most 6 sets of contacts are sufficient. In terms of gears, as many bands as there are, you need as many gears, at least 2 gears. There are also various types of "band switches". The common ones are rotary, but also push-pull, and key (key) types. The volume is also large and small.

Classification of Band Switches

According to the operation mode, it can be divided into: rotary type, toggle type and lever type, usually the rotary switch is used more.

Each contact piece of the band switch is fixed on the insulating substrate.

The insulating substrate is usually composed of three materials:

High-frequency porcelain is mainly suitable for high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency circuits, because its high-frequency loss is small, but the price is high;

Epoxy glass cloth rubber sheet, suitable for high-frequency circuits and general circuits, its price is moderate, and it is widely used in ordinary radios and tape recorders;

The high-frequency performance and insulation performance of paper plywood are not as good as the above two, but the price is low, and it is widely used in popular radios, tape recorders and instruments.

The purpose of the band switch

Mainly used in radios, tape recorders, TV sets and various instruments and meters, generally multi-pole multi-position switches, each of its contacts are fixed on the insulating substrate.

Band switch

The band switch is used in the radio, and its function is to change the number of turns of the coil connected to the oscillating circuit. The input circuit of the radio is an oscillating circuit composed of inductance and capacitance. The natural frequency range of the oscillating circuit can be changed by changing the inductance discontinuously, that is, the receiving band can be changed.

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